George W. Briggs III, PhD
     Welcome to the Official Web Site of George Briggs. It provides a little information about my background and a lot of information about my activities in the amateur radio hobby.

Born in Taunton, MA, I grew up in Port Chester, NY.  A proud graduate of Port Chester High School, I got a bachelor's degree at Harvard and both a Master's and PhD at New York University.  My work career began at Bell Laboratories before I got promoted and transferred to AT&T.  Late in my career I was spun out of AT&T into Lucent Technologies, then spun into Avaya Communication, then spun into early retirement with a nice incentive.  I ended up putting in just under 25 years of service overall.

After retiring from Avaya in 2001, I remained in NJ for a handful of years before finally buying a house in The Villages, FL.  I became a full-time resident of TV in 2012 (I think), after living part-time in NJ and part-time in FL for about four years.  Chris, my wife of 35 years, succumbed to cancer in December of 2014.

I finally started showing signs of life around August 2015.  I began to do a lot of line dancing in free classes that are part of TV's recreation activities.  I met a number of friendly people in classes, and finally, in June 2016, I met a wonderful woman.  Life hadn't been really bad, but now it is really good.

Not only am I enjoying spending lots of time with Karen, but I started playing golf again, I continue to line dance frequently, and I have learned to play Mah Jong.  Can't spell it, but I can play it.  Karen and I enjoy listening to and dancing to the live music at The Villages' town squares frequently.

I am pretty active in The Villages Amateur Radio Club.  Last year (2015) I was the club's secretary and Field Day chairman.  This year I am the committee chair in charge of the club's three public, on-air activities, including Field Day.  Recently, I purchased and installed a SteppIR SmallIR vertical antenna with the 40M coil, and I look forward to using it with my new Expert Systems amplifier.

I also enjoy traveling to the Caribbean island of Montserrat just about every year to participate in an international amateur radio competition.