George W. Briggs III, PhD

K2DM History

Over the years I have had the distinct pleasure of participating in a number of International ham radio competitions from famous contest stations.  I cut my teeth on multi-operator contesting from W1ZM in Connecticut, participating in a number of international contest efforts from Gerry's famous station.  I also had the pleasure of operating a couple of times from K1OX in New Hampshire (the first time using the call W1RR).  A distinct highlight was operating from Jim's station at W2PV in New York.
     My first opportunity to participate outside the U.S. was to be the 80M operator at KP4EAJ in a multi-multi effort in CQWW CW in 1977.  I went back to Puerto Rico a few years later (1980) to be the second-chair 80M op with my brother, Jeff (K1ZM), at NP4A, also in CQWW CW.
     After a number of years staying home, I was invited to join the ZX0F CQWW SSB team at Fernando de Noronha in 1999.  We re-configured Andre's station for multi-multi and had a fabulous time.  I got to do some serious operating during this contest, actually starting the contest as the 20M op.  The following year it was off to A61AJ's station in Dubai for CQWW CW, where I helped build Ali's 160M four-square array and enjoyed using that antenna as second op on 160M, again with Jeff.  These two operations allowed me to meet and work side-by-side with some of the most famous contesters in the world!
     In 2001, I was invited to join W3MF (John) and K3PH (Bob) at WP2Z for CQWW SSB.  As it turned out, I operated single-op and did not put in a full effort.  However, the trip rekindled my enthusiasm for operating from the Caribbean.  Those who have operated from WP2Z know that the views from the Windwood villa are breathtaking.
     In 2002, I operated V47NS from the island of Nevis in a multi-two effort in CQWW SSB.  The team included Doc (V47NS), Karl (V44NK), Glen (W4GKA), brother Peter (K3ZM) and me.  I went back to Nevis the following year with the same team plus AD4J (Jim), and we used my call, V47DM.
     February 2004 found me operating V26DX from the Royal Antiguan Hotel in a multi-single operation with K3ZM in the ARRL DX CW contest.  Following the contest we took a day trip to Montserrat.  As a result, we rented a villa on Montserrat for the 2004 CQWW CW contest and used Peter's call, VP2MZM, during that multi-single effort.
     The following year we were off to Dominica.  Peter, Glen, Jim and I operated J7DM multi-single and had a great time.  Have you ever used a 25-foot bamboo pole as a mast for your tri-band yagi?  What a hoot!
     In November 2006 I returned to Montserrat for a single-op effort in CQWW CW.  I operated as VP2MDG from Gingerbread Hill in St. Peter's.  Gingerbread Hill is a marvelous spot from which to do ham radio.  The owners, David and Clover Lea, are very accommodating to hams.  Peter, Glen and I returned in October 2007 for a multi-single effort in CQWW SSB, and I went back in November 2008 for CQWW CW.
     In October 2009 we got the band back together as Jim, Peter, Glen and I joined forces on Montserrat for CQWW SSB.  David and I are developing quite a station for visiting hams at Gingerbread Hill.  For 2009 I shipped a 55-foot, freestanding, crank-up tower to Montserrat, and David installed it before the contest.  I also shipped down a TH7 yagi and a rotator, which Jim, Glen and I installed on the tower for the contest.  With my Elecraft K3 driving an AL-80A amplifier, we had quite a signal.
     October 2010 found me back as VP2MDG for a single-op effort in CQWW SSB.  Then in 2011 the gang returned to Montserrat with one significant addition:  Peter, Glen, Jim and I were joined by my nephew, Patrick, K6AAX (now KK6ZM).  We had a wonderful time as a multi-op, two-transmitter entry in CQWW SSB.
     I had originally planned a single-op entry in the 2012 CQWW DX SSB, but G4XUM (Martin) asked if I would be interested in a M2 entry with him, G3NKC (Dave) and GM4AFF (Stewart).  We tried to recruit one or two more ops, but it ended being just the four of us.  I think we did pretty well, and I even learned to speak a little English.
     2013 was supposed to be a special time.  We planned a family entry in CQWW SSB with K1ZM, K3ZM, KK6ZM and me.  Sadly, Chris' cancer returned and I had to back out.  Jeff, Peter and Patrick went down to Montserrat, but they never got the station fully operational.  Patrick made an 80M single-band effort, Jeff played on 160M, working a few JAs in the process, and Peter dabbled on the high bands.
     I went back to Montserrat twice in 2015.  K2PS (Pete) and I operated multi-single in the WPX CW contest in May, and I operated single-op in CQWW SSB in October.  Problems with the tower hoist motor kept me from making a full effort, but those problems were resolved shortly afterwards with a replacement motor.